The Idyl organic sector: an environmental and social challenge

Photo de pommes bio sur un pommier dans un verger avec un ciel bleu

Organic production, distribution and consumption: producers, distributors and consumers are all mobilising to safeguard our planet’s future. The challenge is huge and each of us has a part to play in rethinking our relationship with nature.

Tribu écolo: the organic brand by Idyl

With Tribu écolo, Idyl is committed to supporting healthy and eco-friendly agriculture to ensure high-quality organic fruit and vegetables both today and tomorrow.

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Provence on the front line

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Idyl and producers in Provence share their expertise to showcase the excellence of the organic range from south-eastern France. This approach, which focuses on producer proximity, is key to ensuring high-quality production, product marketing and store supplies.

Tribu écolo, a specialist in products from Provence

Tribu écolo organic department: a comprehensive offer

With its organic fruit and vegetable production partners, the Tribu écolo brand is committed to sup-porting a comprehensive approach to sustainable agriculture. Consumers are the focus and reason for this approach. Tribu écolo markets the entire range of organic fruit and vegetables by selecting produce from Provence and France whenever possible. Exotic fruit and vegetables from the best sources are also available year round.

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Production schedule
Organic certification