Medjool dates : a variety known for its superior flavour

Photo d'un palmier dattier Idyl en production

Grown and harvested by Idyl in its Riads du Tafilalet palm grove, Medjool dates are the most popular variety among date lovers. Its soft flesh is dense, without fibres and with a typical flavour and aromatic richness.

Dattes Filali : a brand of excellence

Dattes Filali is Idyl’s date brand.
Idyl takes special care with its packaging and holiday consumer units, with 5 kg boxes for specialised retailers.

Origin : Morocco

Packaging :

  • Bulk 5 kg, 3 kg and 2 kg in topped boxes with trays
  • Punnets: 1 kg – 800 g – 500 g – 400 g – 300 g

All packaging on request

Certifications : GlobalGap – BRC – IFS Food

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Barquette de dattes Filali
Boite de 5kg de dattes Filali

Morocco: a land of tradition

Date palm cultivation is based on traditional practices specific to semi-arid agriculture. In the Riads du Tafilalet, farming developed thanks to the know-how of locals. Over time, this expertise, combined with modern technology, has led to the development of sustainable and productive agriculture.

The Riads du Tafilalet palm grove

The palm grove covers more than 50 hectares and is the largest Moroccan plantation of tissue cul-ture date palms in full production to date. The palm grove is located in eastern Morocco, where the conditions for date growth and maturity are optimal. All production stages are perfectly controlled: natural pollination, lighting, maturation and ripening.

The best local and traditional varieties were chosen and planted: Bouffegous, Nejda, Bouzekri, Az-iza and, of course, the queen of dates, Medjool

Photo d'un palmier en production Filali

Maghreb Palm lab

Tissue culture date palm plant propagation

Photo de plants de palmiers dans le laboratoire Maghreb palm

The Maghreb Palm lab, which is specialised in the tissue culture propagation technique for date palms, is part of the Soprofel-Idyl group. This vertical diversification helps maintain control over all production stages.

The Maghreb Palm laboratory supplies major palm projects in Morocco and abroad.