Idyl peaches and nectarines
for a variety of flavours

Photo de pêche et le nectarine Idyl

Idyl’s top prio­ri­ty is to pro­duce deli­cious food by har­ves­ting incre­di­bly fresh, fla­vour­ful and fra­grant fruit, com­bi­ning indul­gence and natu­ral tastes, sim­pli­ci­ty and gas­tro­no­my. At Idyl, April means stone fruit season!

Phenomenal peaches at Idyl

Peaches and nec­ta­rines are at their best straight from the Aga­dir orchards in ear­ly April. They are won­der­ful­ly jui­cy, deli­cious­ly fra­grant and sim­ply amazing!

Yel­low and white peaches and nectarines

TOP qua­li­ty

Ori­gin : Morocco

Packa­ging :

  • 50 x 30 packages in trays

All packa­ging on request

Photo d'un colis de pêches Idyl
Peches et nectarines Idyl en gros plan

Just peachy !

Idyl chooses its varie­ties based on the best fla­vour qua­li­ty in terms of satis­fac­tion and enjoy­ment. In the orchard, peaches and nec­ta­rines are packa­ged on-site and ship­ped as soon as pos­sible to gua­ran­tee the fre­sh­ness of the fre­sh­ly picked fruit.