Mediterranean origins

Dattes Filali

Spe­cia­list in Medi­ter­ra­nean and sub­tro­pi­cal agri­cul­ture, Idyl has put consi­de­rable care into choo­sing its fruit and vege­tables sup­plies as for its own orchards and mar­ket gar­de­ning loca­tions. Idyl applies the stric­test requi­re­ments to its eve­ry­day ope­ra­tions to ensure food safe­ty. The pro­duc­tion stan­dards meet the highest qua­li­ty criteria.

Conventional growing

Conventional growing by Idyl

Mediterranean origins  Harvests

Melons & watermelons

March to may :
Green Cha­ren­tais melon, Moroc­co ori­gin. C Grown by Idyl
Green Cha­ren­tais melon, Moroc­co and Spain origin.
Cana­ri melon, piel de sapo melon, Spain origin.
Zago­ra water­me­lon, Moroc­co origin.
Seed­less water­me­lon, mini water­me­lon, Spain origin.

Peaches & Nectarins

April to may : yel­low, white, all grades, Moroc­co origin.

Grown by Idyl


July to december :
White : Vit­to­ria, Ita­lia, Ita­ly origin.
Black: Palie­ri, Black Magic, Red Globe, Ita­ly origin.


Sep­tem­ber to june : Rocha, Por­tu­gal origin.


Octo­ber to april : cher­ry, plum cher­ry, cock­tail, on the vine, round.

Grown by Idyl


Octo­ber to april : all packa­ging avai­lable, Moroc­co origin.

Grown by Idyl

Green beans

Octo­ber to april : all packa­ging avai­lable, Moroc­co origin.


Octo­ber to may : rasp­ber­ries, blue­ber­ries, Moroc­co origin.

Grown by Idyl


Octo­ber to june :
Nador­cott man­da­rins, Moroc­co ori­gin C Grown by Idyl
Fine and Nour cle­men­tins, Moroc­co origin.
Maroc late oranges , Moroc­co origin.
Nules cle­men­tins, Spain origin.
Moro and Taroc­co oranges, Ita­ly origin .


Octo­ber to june : Med­jool (M,L,XL), Moroc­co origin.

Grown by Idyl

Organic growing

Organic growing by Idyl

Organic Mediterranean origins  Harvests

Organic Kiwi

Janua­ry to december :
Hay­ward kiwi, France and Ita­ly origin.
Green Light kiwi, Ita­ly origin.
Yel­low Sore­li kiwi, Ita­ly origin.

Organic Melons

Mars to june : green Cha­ren­tais melon, Spain, Ita­ly and Moroc­co origin.

Organic Stone fruits

April to september :
Apri­cot Oran­ge­red, red type, Spain and Ita­ly origin.
Cher­ry : Bur­lat, Belge, Duro­ni, Spain origin.
Peach & nec­ta­rin : yel­low and white, Spain and Ita­ly origin.
Plums Ange­li­no, Gol­den globe, Black dia­mond, For­tune, Spain origin.
Lar­ry ann, Anna gold, Spain origin.

Organic Grapes

July to december :
Mus­cat de Ham­burg, Laval­lée, Cen­ten­nial, Spain origin.
Dan­las, Ita­lia, Red globe, Vit­to­ria, Black magic, Spain and Ita­ly origin.

Organic Cabbages

Sep­tem­ber to june : cab­bage, cau­li­flo­wer, broc­co­li, Spain and Ita­ly origin.

Organic Mediterranean Veg.

Octo­ber to march : egg­plant, cour­gette, pepper,cucumber, Spain, Ita­ly and Moroc­co origin.

Organic Tomatoes

Octo­ber to march : round toma­toe, cher­ry toma­toe, on the vine, cock­tail, Spain, Ita­ly and Moroc­co origin.

Organic Citrus

Octo­ber to july :
Nave­li­na, Nave­late and Valen­cia Late oranges, Spain origin.
Taroc­co Ita­ly origin.
Cle­men­vil­la, Cle­men­ru­bis and Cle­me­nules  cle­men­tins, Spain and Ita­ly origin.
Star Ruby and Ruby Red pome­lo, Spain origin.
Ver­na and Pri­mo­fio­ri lemon, Spain and Ita­ly origin.

Organic Haricots

Novem­ber to march : green bean, flat bean, Spain origin.

Organic Avocados

Novem­ber to may : Hass avo­ca­dos, Spain origin.